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    Levling Guide for All Classes.


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    Levling Guide for All Classes. Empty Levling Guide for All Classes.

    Post by Esther on Fri Mar 26, 2010 12:38 am

    Okay so here's a simple yet effective leveling guide for any class you might want to be making. First of all you don't really need any equipment for this guide to work, just follow the steps and you'll be level 150 in no time at all. Wink

    First of all when you log in with your new character, be sure to get a pet. The best pet is the High Priest since she deals good damage, does safety wall and heals you for 9999. Get her and get some levels in porings, then change job. As a first job, you can go straight to pay_dun01 or 02, whichever you like. Just walk around, dont get killed and change at job 40. The Skill fixer will give you all the skills you need at any job level. Be sure to put all points on agi, for survivability so you won't get hit. As a second job, or still first job (for those who went SN, Ninja, GS, Etc.) you can go to in_sphinx4 and let your pet kill Mino's and Pasanas First. Get a few more levels and a few more agi, then when you're about level 70+, take on them Anubis. Do @Mobsearch Anubis and just warp to the coords, as anubis gives the most exp and is easy to kill. Rebirth at level 99, for those who will, or continue on for those who don't rebirth. Basically Killing Anubis is the fastest way to get to 150, i've done this in under 15 minutes. For those who will rebirth, just rinse and repeat the steps.

    You're All set to get to max level in no time, with hardly any effort at all!

    • be sure to walk into the safety wall your pet casts, it can save your life.

    • be sure to get your platinum skills when you go second job, before third job. You won't get some skills if you try it at third job.

    • Don't die or else you will lose your pet. After level 75 you cannot get it back, but if you stay alive til 150, you can keep it to help you level.

    • Vote and buy a field manual. It gives you more exp for leveling. Of course don't just vote for that, vote so we'll get more players!

    Thanks and goodluck leveling! be sure to + my reputation if you like this! Very Happy
    I will work on more guides like builds for different classes, etc. I won't be telling all the secrets, but the basic gist for you to get good at the class you're working on.

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