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    Post by Esther on Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:10 am

    This is a general guide for doing quests for those who are new to the server, or even new to RO.

    First of all the quest center can be warped to via the warper.

    When you're there, feel free to look around, talk to the NPCs about the items they give, and look at the stats the customs give. You decide on what you need of course, the quest NPCs are just there to reward you for your hard work.

    Tips on doing quests:
    • When looking for an item, think first if the item can be bought from an NPC to make life easier. You can also check Ratemyserver if the item is sold by an NPC.

    • If you don't know who drops an item, use @whodrops in game, or search for item info.

    • If the monster that drops the item you need is only a few in the map, don't forget to do @mobsearch to locate the monster easily.

    • If the items you need are dropped by boss monsters that are usually camped, don't hesitate to ask older players if they have extra of these items, it doesn't hurt to ask right? ^_^

    • If the items required are too many, why not get a friend or two to help you hunt them? This also works if the item you need is dropped by an MVP you can't kill yet.

    That's basically it, good luck and have fun questing!

    PS: regarding the effects, some NPCs dont say the effects of the custom. We are working to make a guide for these customs soon. ^_^

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