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    Death Knight and Shaman guide


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    Death Knight and Shaman guide Empty Death Knight and Shaman guide

    Post by Esther on Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:35 am

    For those new to the server, many ask how to become a DK or Shaman? Well here's a short but concise guide on how to become one of our special classes.

    The Npcs to job change are located to the left of center prontera. To be more precise the coordinates are 122 168.

    Once you become a death knight you cannot become a shaman, and vice versa. Now the requirements to become these are to be a super novice, level 94. Once you're level 94, talk to the NPC which will change you to DK or shaman, whichever you want, He will give you an item. This item is a garment type equipment, and you will only change to the custom class when you wear this equipment.

    For tips on leveling to get to 94, Check my Levling Guide for All Classes

    Do i still keep my SN skills?
    -Yes you do.

    Can i revert to just being a super novice again?
    -Yes, just take off the garment.

    Can a baby Super novie become a DK or shaman?
    -No, only normal SNs can.

    Good luck and enjoy our custom classes!

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