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    MVP, Zombie Party Quest and God Arena's Guide :D

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    MVP, Zombie Party Quest and God Arena's Guide :D Empty MVP, Zombie Party Quest and God Arena's Guide :D

    Post by TM Lockeheart14 on Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:45 am

    MVP GUIDE Very Happy

    * MVP's in the MVP Room do not have drops..
    * Killing monsters in the MVP room will only give you Points.
    * You can trade your points for MVP cards only!! Very Happy.

    Zombie Party Quest

    * You need to be in a PARTY to go inside the room.
    * The Zombie Party Quest has 15 Rounds composed of
    Undead and Zombie Monsters.
    * You Need to help each other in the party to make your
    Quest Successful.
    * Every 5 rounds there is a BOSS Crying or Very sad .
    * The Last Boss will always Drop 1 Tao gunka card and 2 Hydra
    cards Wink .
    * after that.. and hundred of gold Poring will spawn
    and you have 20 seconds to kill all of them.
    * GOODLUCK! Wink

    God Arena's

    * Simple.
    * A boss called "The Master" willspawn there.
    * "The Master" is like the MVP Amon Ra.
    * Each Attack that you will deal to him will make him
    summon many mobs.
    * When its Killed, it will Drop TCG's. which can you
    exchange for COOL Items Very Happy.
    * When you kill the master, chests will appear which may drop god armors.

    That's all.
    PM me for Questions.
    - TM Lockeheart

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