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    Congrats TM and Mod.


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    Congrats TM and Mod. Empty Congrats TM and Mod.

    Post by SimplyNice on Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:42 am

    Well since i hired 4 TMs and one got a promotion.

    I asked jhammy,xchromex(sparkplugz),Esther

    I'll ask Lockeheart when she gets on,she's preparing for her graduation.

    They made a forum that looks like this one,but with a new skins on it. I like the progress and how knowledgeable TMs and Mod are. Now, i know they're deserve the title Moderator.

    Here's the link:

    Jhammy's forum:

    Esther's forum:

    sparkplugz/XchromeX's forum:

    Waiting for Lockeheart's forum.

    Anyway,that's enough proof for a promotion.

    Moderator Jhammy
    Moderator Esther
    Moderator sparkplugz
    Moderator Lockeheart

    Four of them has to monitor the forum everyday if possible.Check the new threads,answer threads,checking avatar size,signature,editing inappropriate words.


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