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    I Guess a Poem.


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    I Guess a Poem. Empty Re: I Guess a Poem.

    Post by kyone01 on Tue Apr 06, 2010 12:33 am


    This is my poem xD


    Words for you that I hold close to my heart
    I want to tell them to you someday

    An overflowing passion and throbbing heartbeats
    I don't know when they began
    But since I've noticed my unfading feelings once
    And that I can't lie anymore-
    Even if we met when it was but a common coincidence
    I still feel a special meaning

    I always give my gratitude to God
    That I can be by your side
    I want to forever gaze at
    The profile of your unhesitating face
    The time that I spend together with you
    Gives me an unwavering strength
    Words for you that suddenly surface in my mind
    I want to tell them to you someday

    Just with your fingers that touch me for a moment
    And your kind remarks
    I can feel strange
    Which seems as if I'm continuing to dream

    Even if one day we lost sight of each other
    We can meet again by chance, no matter how many times

    I hope to be within
    Your precious memories, too
    I want you to share with me more of
    Your world that I haven't seen

    I want to grant you everything that you wish for
    Without leaving anything out
    If it's for you who I can believe in
    I can become anything

    It's like a flower that will be colored
    A story that blooms fully and faraway
    A timbre that won't ever disappear
    Rides on the wind and echoes

    The time that I spend together with you
    Gives me an unwavering strength
    So that words for you infused with my prayers
    Will reach you to your depths

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    I Guess a Poem. Empty I Guess a Poem.

    Post by Kira on Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:43 am

    Demi's special someone sort of inspired me to write something. Well, that, and I'm bored. So Here goes.

    A crystal stone upon the shore,
    glittering in the evening sun.
    Pick it up, toss it to the water.
    As it skips along the waves,
    It knows it's embarking on a long Journey.
    The stone will sink,
    like its brethren before it,
    and will start its voyage.
    Laid to rest at the bottom of the Sea,
    the Crystal stone still shines,
    as if time and elements do not affect it.
    Everlasting, its sparkle can never be dimmed.
    Even in the abyss, nothing can stop it.
    It has lived a life worth living,
    and it has truly experienced love.

    I dunno I guess it just hit me Razz

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