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    Gem Smith Bug??


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    Gem Smith Bug?? Empty Re: Gem Smith Bug??

    Post by SimplyNice on Tue Mar 30, 2010 7:18 am

    Done helping him but i think the maximum level of that Gem is in level 2.

    Let's wait for shammy since he knows everything 'bout that NPC and how it works.

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    Gem Smith Bug?? Empty Gem Smith Bug??

    Post by airthrust on Tue Mar 30, 2010 6:33 am

    just wanna inquire this problem..

    i was going to upgrade my lvl2 gem of range..
    image 1

    image 2

    i have all the ingredients..but the npc didnt upgrade my super gem..

    so i check and double-check..then i noticed..

    the npc said 2 BREATHS OF SOUL..image 3

    but i only got 2 BREATHS OF SPIRIT..image 4

    according to ma'am jhammy..she said that both items are the same..

    so come the npc did not upgrade my super gem..

    then ma'am jhammy said (and i quote) "maybe this npc is bugged.."

    so i made this inquire to admins regarding this matter..

    thanks in advance..

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