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    Classes Breakdown for Noobs XD


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    Classes Breakdown for Noobs XD Empty Classes Breakdown for Noobs XD

    Post by Kira on Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:59 am

    Start as a Novice All rebirth is at 99/50, and after that you will be a high novice, so just repeat.

    Swordsman - Knight or Crusader
    High Swordsman - Lord Knight or Paladin
    then to Rune Knight or Royal Guard

    Thief - Assassin or Rogue
    High Thief - Assassin Cross or Stalker
    then to Guillotine Cross or Shadow Chaser

    Merchant - Blacksmith or Alchemist
    High Merchant - Whitesmith(Mastersmith) or Bio Chemist
    then to Mechanic or Genetic

    Mage - Wizard or Sage
    High Mage - High Wizard or Scholar(Professor)
    then too Warlock or Sorcerer

    Acolyte - Priest or Monk
    High Acolyte - High Priest or Champion
    then too Arch Bishop or Shura

    Archer - Hunter or Bard(male) or Dancer(female)
    High Archer - Sniper or Clown(male) or Gypsy(female)
    then to Ranger or Minstrel(male) or Wanderer(female)

    On another note, Novices can go to other classes instead of these.
    We have:
    Taekwon Boy/Girl which turn into either Taekwon Master or Soul Linker
    Novices can turn into Gunslingers (no rebirth yet)
    Novices can turn into Ninja's (no rebirth yet)
    Novices can also turn into super Novices, which can (on this server only) turn into either a Death Knight or a Shaman, at base lvl 94. You need to talk to an NPC to lower left of the main center in prontera, and you have to equip a garment to keep yourself a DK or Shaman.

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